Baking Tins And Moulds

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Professional baking pans in anodized aluminum, without welding points. The perfectly straight edge guarantees the baking of perfectly formed cakes. Available in 3 different heights: cm 10, 7.5 and 5.

For all your baking needs, we offer a wide selection of bakeware and cake tins to choose from! If you are baking a birthday, wedding or celebration cake, check out our cake tins including round flared tins, hemisphere pans, cookie pans, tart pans with removable bottom, shaped pans, cupcake tins, springform tins, bottle cake pans, brownie pans, savarin moulds, kings sized muffin pan, stainless steel round shapes, ramekins, brioche moulds, silicone cupcake moulds, crepes pan, mini tartlet mould, bundt pans, heart silicone moulds, non-stick springform pan, pancake pan, doughnut pan, mini muffin pan, number one 1 cake pan, rectangluar quiche pan grooved tart loose bottom pan, sports ball pan, guitar pan, square quiche pan, t-shirt mould, castle mould pan, checkerboard round, checkerboard square, book pan, dress mould, teddy bear pan, roast pan dish, rainbow pan, easy layers pan, chariot mould, doll pan, cake pop silicone mould, train pan, angel food pan, number letter pan, pillow pan.