Model Paste

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This nude modelling paste is very easy to use on its own or with moulds as the paste is pliable during use and sets hard for a great finish. It is perfect for making nature inspired decorations or modelling figures. Simply knead the room temperature paste until soft and pliable and create your chosen model or press into a mould. The paste will set hard when left to dry for a few hours.

A specifically designed ready to use paste for modelling figures and creating flowers and decorations. Model Paste comes in 12 different colours. Thanks to the high cocoa butter content, Model Paste allows you to quickly create decorations that you can then stabilize at room temperature in a very short time, thus significantly cutting down preparation time. The finished product can be kept at room temperature or stored in a refrigerator or freezer. However, if the storing place is very humid, we recommend covering the product. You can also soften Model Paste by working it with your hands before use or pre-heating it in the microwave for a few seconds. You can also mix different model paste colours to achieve the colour shade you need es explained in this chart.