Sugar Lace

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Daisy gum paste is 3 products in one:- it is a very fine flower paste, a modelling paste and it’s perfect paste to craft amazing edible lace. This Diasy kit includes one 500g pack of Diasy Gum paste, a silicone lace mat and a plastic scraper. To make sugar lace heat 70 grams of Daisy in a microwave oven for 15 seconds* at maximum power. This will increase the paste’s temperature from 45° to 60° C heating it without making it too hot to touch. Remove the paste from the oven and lay it on a special lace silicone mat and, using the scrpaer in this kit spread it on the silicone mat and make sure to fill all the grooves. Once you have obtained the result you aimed for remove the decoration from the silicone mat immediately: this way you will be able to use the silicone mat immediately and also will avoid wasting paste. To store your newly made lace decorations just wrap them in a thick cellophane film and they will remain flexible for more than two months. *the times provided are merely an indication: they may change depending on the quality and power of the microwave oven and the quantity of paste used.

Create stunning cake lace for wedding cakes or vintage style cakes with our range of Pavoni cake lace mats.  To make your lace use Laped’s lace mix simply add water and spread the paste on the silicone mould, let them dry overnight or dry in an oven for 14 minutes at 85° Celsius. If you want a faster way to make your sugar lace you can use Laped’s Daisy gum paste as explained in this video

Colour the lace by dusting the finished lace with dry dust colours, thereby making, gold, silver, red or black lace.