Frosting & Fillings

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Fondant sugar is perfect for various creations. Suitable for obtaining a traditional white covering or frosting éclairs, profiteroles, cakes and doughnuts. Use it with fruit puree, for whisking, for example, strawberries, raspberries and wild berries or with infusions such as tea and coffee for creamy bases and intense flavour. It is also great as an ingredient. Use it instead of sugar: its extra-fine texture will help you whip cream perfectly or make fluffy meringues. For a flavoured frosting replace water with coffee or infusion, or to make a fruit glaze replace water with fruit pulp. You can colour it by adding few drops of decora colouring gel and flavour it by choosing between the various decora flavours. Thanks its resealable package, yo, you can keep the product perfectly closed.

Frosting And Buttercream