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Check out our vast selection of piping nozzles from PME, Jem, Decora and Wilton - perfect for swirling buttercream on cupcakes or creating buttercream flowers and succulents. As well as nozzles for writing, applying detail to models, adding royal icing to your cakes and even swirls of piped mashed potato to impress your guests! We also have a selection of piping bags in different material and sizes including disposable piping bags. To achieve perfect royal icing, we have Super Ice a royal icing mix that gives fantastic results every time. Super ice is white and elastic and, thanks to the quality of the ingredients, it makes it possible to perform tiny, complex works like extension works, lace and classic decorations. Prepare the royal icing by pouring 140 g of water into 1 kg of Super Ice for extension work or lace; if you need to use the product for other works just add water until you reach the desired consistency. You can also colour Super Ice by using our Colorgel range.